Web Marketing


Search Engine Optimization ...

Being found on the world wide web, especially when a customer is looking for a product or service you offer, is often crucial in business. The visibility of your company in the search engines, like Google or Bing, however, is not the only objective of SEO services.

The heart of your company on the web, believe it or not, is your website. For example some believe, wrongly, that social networks today are more important, and that is quite wrong. A company that properly uses its social networks will ensure that those generate visits on the company’s website.

Your website is the core of your business on the web, and often one of the cores of your business in general, because everything revolves around this website. Advertising, both online and conventional, lead the potential customer to access your website for various reasons, either to buy, learn about your offer or simply to contact you or come and buy in-store. Also, you will not sell much with your social networks if people do not reach your website. The development of your company, new products, new services, promotions and news, will automatically have you think of your website, as deep down you already know its usefulness. Your company website can also develop, over time, functionalities, making the features indispensable to your customers, they will need it.

Your portal to the world today is not necessarily your physical address, but more and more the electronic one, namely your website ... And SEO is one of the pillars of this major tool.

Cyboïde offers search engine optimization from 800$ per month. The business startups, for example, have often benefited greatly from the expertise of Cyboïde in Google positioning. Whether you have a very modern and interactive website, or not, Cyboïde can place you on page 1 with very competitive and relevant keywords for your business.

The strength of a strong website, however, begins with a quality website; and more, think evolving website...